Findworka Mentors

We are looking for experienced software developers.

Interested in brewing intelligent minds to emerge world class software developers with your renowned field experience? Join our team of mentors/facilitators who would engage and train our fellows in a 3 month intensive onsite class/training on software development, data science & machine learning. while earning on the go.

About Findworka Mentors

Findworka Mentors are a network of experienced software developers and Data engineers who are also technical leaders willing to train and mentor the next generation of aspiring programmers.
The need for competent developers is increasing everyday. This surge in popularity is driven by the demands of today's internet users for dynamic and applications, built with today’s users in mind.
We know the role that quality tutoring and mentoring can play in the development of an ambitious developer. That’s why we are extending an open invitation to anyone who is qualified to help this new generation of beginners.
To be accepted as a Findworka Mentor, you need to have at least five years of experience in any of the specified fields above. You must have collaborated with different teams, have a track record of working on successful development projects and most importantly be willing to share your experience with upcoming talents.

Courses to Facilitate

Front-end web development.
Back-end web development.
Data Science & Machine Learning.

1. May 24th 2018 - Call for facilitator / mentor Applications start
2. June 15th 2018 - Call for facilitator / mentor Applications end
3. June 18th - 29th 2018 - Facilitator / mentor screening and selection phase
4. July 2nd 2018 - Academy program kicks off
5. September 31st 2018 - Academy program ends

Academy Location:

Facilitator Type:
ONSITE (Cohort 1 Academy Classes would ONLY Take place at our provided Facilities in Lagos)