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Prospective Clients? Got Project(s)? Need Freelancers?

Hire the Right Freelancer for Your Project
Search for different freelancers offering the service that you need. Browse through their profiles, check their ratings and check their previous work. We provide you with enough information to hire properly.

Manage your projects easily.
You can manage your projects easily from anywhere and at anytime. View projects status and chat with freelancers. You can also create milestones and share files without leaving your dashboard. Don’t want to search or your need Findworka to outsource on your behalf, then use Use Findworka Premium.

Pay only for completed projects
Paying on Findworka is simple and secure once you’re satisfied with the project status. You can pay at the end or after completing agreed milestones. You pay Findworka and Findworka pays the service provider only after you mark the project as completed.

Everybody wins
You are sure of quality work because the freelancer can’t get paid until you approve the payment. This motivates the professional to please the client- by doing good work. As a service provider, you are guaranteed your payments because the money is in your wallet before you begin the project and you can withdraw after the client approves the withdrawal.

Freelancer? Got Skills? Want more money?

Find Work, Get Hired
Create a profile and define the services you want to offer remotely. Clients will find you when they search for your service(s). You can also search and bid for projects in any category of interest to you. Findworka lets you showcase past projects to boost your chances. We also provide Job recommendations every week so you don’t miss out on the latest opportunity.

Manage Your Work from Anywhere.
Monitor your requests and ongoing projects from anywhere. Your feature-rich dashboard empowers you with tools you need to define milestones, set tasks, communicate with clients, share files, check your wallet and agree upon payment schedules.

Get Paid Quickly & Securely
Location is not a barrier with payments. The employer pays us (actually you) before the work begins. As agreed milestones are reached and the employer approves the work, we pay you. It’s a “win-win” arrangement for both sides!

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