Findworka Academy

Findworka Academy is a free fellowship and intensive bootcamp for aspiring developers.
The demand for competent developers is increasing everyday. This surge in popularity is driven by the demands of today's internet users for dynamic and applications, built with today’s users in mind.

Fulfill your dreams of getting started or moving forward with your career as a software developer/ data engineer. Get your desired skills in web development/data science & machine learning. at ZERO cost!

We know the role that quality tutoring and mentoring can play in the development of an ambitious developer. The best developers are not only able to code using the latest frameworks and programming languages, but also having an updated understanding of how code should be written, how to collaborate and the real-world implication of every syntax.
Our curriculum is designed to help you have a strong technical background and develop the ability to learn quickly and apply what you know on either your startup, your freelance projects or for your new employers.

Our Courses

Front-end web development.
Back-end web development.
Data Science & Machine Learning.

1. May 24th 2018 - Call for Applications start
2. June 15th 2018 - Call for Applications end
3. June 18th - 29th 2018 - Candidate screening and selection phase
4. July 2nd 2018 - Academy program kicks off
5. September 31st 2018 - Academy program ends

Academy Location:

Learning Type:
ONSITE (Cohort 1 Academy Classes would ONLY Take place at our provided Facilities in Lagos)